Friday, August 26

Growing Up.

Today is my last day in the twenties. 

Tomorrow, I'll be a thirty-something.

Mixed feelings, of course. 
A little nostalgic....yes. 
Is my life what I imagined it would be at thirty?  Not at all. 
Does that bother me?  Not really.

If you asked me 15 years ago where I would be at 30, it wouldn't be here.  Thirty sounds so OLD and FAR AWAY at the age of 15, doesn't it?  I swore I'd be married at 22 and done with kids at 30.  I figured I'd still be living in So Cal, maybe teaching school.  

Instead, I married at 25 and haven't even jumped on the baby wagon yet.  I live in the South and make a living shoveling dirt and making over everyone else's junk. 

Surprising?  Grateful? 

Yes, to both.  God had different plans for me. I couldn't even dream up what He had in store for my life.  Thankfully, He is the one person who knows us better than we know ourselves.  And that's why being right where I am is okay and always will be. No matter what.

Even though "thirty" {or forty, or sixty five, or wherever we are life} may sound like a dirty word, I'm happy to be growing UP, not OLD, and doing it just where I'm supposed to be.  Here's to another thirty years of twists, turns, and life's surprises!

{And just for kicks in honor of the "Dirty Thirty," I thought I'd share a few slightly-embarrassing photos my mom put together for my birthday....narrated by mom herself}

You must have been a beautiful baby, cuz baby won'tcha look at you now!

The beginning of her love for the beach.

Always "repurposing" the old into something new.

Storage for pots and pans is more fun when it is empty!

Learning the "ropes"

Two cabbage patch "dolls"

LeAnne's penchant for fashion begins.


And now, being silly at twenty-nine, Southern-Style.


Thursday, August 25

House Sneak Peak

Just a little peak at the exposed beams in the den.  More to come soon.....


Saturday, August 20


Can't find the perfect lampshade?  Update a basic one using your favorite fabric (I cut the fabric off a larger shade), scissors and hot glue.  Easy peasy!


Sunday, August 14

A New Coffee Table and Other Ramblings.

If you remember, I made a pallet table for our new place using a spare pallet from our pile and some industrial wheels.  Well, we figured out the pallet table was going to be way too huge for our space, after measuring the room and our furnishings.  I tried to stick to my guns for the longest time, determined as all get-out to use that dern table.  But in the end, the space won.  And I'm glad it did because I'm even happier with the replacement.

But we'll get to that in a minute.

First a couple re-dos.

I painted our $40 farm table white.  It used to be green, which was fine, but one day I decided it didn't need to be green anymore.  So I fixed it. 

{Please excuse the mess on top.  And all around.  And yes, that is our kitchen sink.  Our $5 kitchen sink.  And I love it.  Is that okay?  Or maybe crazy?}

We also had this old curio cabinet in our garage for AGES not being used because I just didn't love the wood.  I finally fixed it up and painted it with the same white paint as the kitchen table and now I'm in love. 

Ok, in the background of that last picture, do you see my "new" table?

So, I found an old chicken crate in Asheville a couple weeks ago. You may have noticed that chicken crates are kinda popular right now, so it's not easy to find one on the cheap. Thankfully, I shopped around for a while and passed by a few others in the $60 range and not so great shape.  Although I do think this is a fairly normal price, I just didn't want to shell out the money.  I'm stingy.  You already know that.  Finally, I found one in much better condition for $39....well worth the extra effort and time spent looking.  SOLD!

Next step.  I took the wheels off my pallet table and transferred them to my chicken crate instead.  I Lysol'ed the heck out of that thing too...because no one wants to kick off their shoes and rest their feet on a pile of chicken poo!  The crate received a little sanding and 2 coats of Tung Oil.  I had a piece of glass cut for the top - the price was fair and it was ready in less than an hour. 

So the table will be a conversation piece for sure. Best comes with usable storage space!  I intentionally left the glass unsecured on top because I want to be able to use the really cool door (I guess originally intended for the chickens.)  And since I won't be storing any live chickens in there, I'll probably stuff some books and other goodies inside for a touch of "functional" decor.

This was a really easy and quick project that anyone can do.  If you can't find a chicken coop, it would work well with other objects long as the basic shape makes sense for a coffee table.

Now, on to the house.  We're making progress.  Visible progress.  So glad.

My husband cut down a few more trees to open up the view.  Good move, I think.

He also added knee braces to the exterior columns.  Another good move on his part.

The doors are installed and painted.

The wall paneling is in progress.

Our chimney is installed for the wood stove.

 And the hardwoods were delivered.  These are 10 inch pine planks.  Lumber Liquidators advertised them as 8 inch, but they're actually 10".  And I am thrilled!

On another note, my "mailbox" plants are growing in nicely, despite this TERRIBLE heat and drought. 

And my dog LOVES chasing birds into the ocean.  Fearless.

If only I had his energy.....


Monday, August 1

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Ok, so maybe not "ON" the wall per se.  This piece is WAY to heavy to be hanging anywhere.  It's definitely the "lean on the wall" type.  But anyway....

This antique mirror is a family piece, meaning it will be sticking with me {that's my motto - nothing from the family gets sold}. 

And although it will be sticking with me, the gold just doesn't agree with my cottage style.  Don't get me wrong...I do appreciate touches of gilt here and there....but this was just a little much for me.

Fortunately, I have a lot of paint samples sitting around.  At least a dozen colors that were all in the running for our new place.  And of course, I won't let them go to waste.

I chose the Urbane Bronze sample to makeover the mirror.  Why? No reason really...just thought I'd give it a whirl.  I whitewashed a tad on top of the dark gray and finished it off with a light distressing and dry-brushed wood stain.

She's still a little fancy but at least she's not SO flashy anymore.  I think its a nice compromise.  What do you think?  How much gold is too much?  Or is there ever such a thing?