Saturday, July 16

Still Here.

Miracle of the day: I'm finally bringing myself to blog again.  

It's not that I haven't wanted to, or that I have writers block, or that I have nothing interesting to share.  In  fact, I have tons of photos and projects and updates that I wish I had posted along the way.

The past two/three months have been a whirlwind.  Guess it wasn't the best idea in the world to start building during the busiest time of the year for a landscaping company.  So many on-the-spot decisions have come up and we've just had to wing it because we don't have the time.  You really think you have all your bases covered at the beginning of the project.  Not true.  What color flashing?  What KIND of flashing?  Where to put the outlets?  Which direction to swing the door?  At what height to start a window?  At what measurement to hang a light?  How to install the stairs....half wall or balusters?  

Perfect example.  Me trying to work and make decisions at the same time.  On the spot.  No turning back.

Resulting in this - which is pretty much how my husband and I have felt everyday.

You throw someone like me into the deal and I make it so much worse.  You'll hear me saying things like...These windows need to be spaced so many inches apart to fit this specific piece of furniture.  This wall needs to be moved to the left so I can have a mirror in my entry way instead of another door.  Nope, no can lights above the sink.  We need to allow for my antique mason jar pendant lights.  Is that beam on the screen porch strong enough to support my homemade swinging daybed?   I know I must be a nightmare to a contractor.  You see, my dad and I designed this house ourselves.   Which is so fun.  But also a huge ball of stress.  When I say this house is being built around my furniture, I really mean this house is being built around my furniture.  And when I say furniture, I don't mean furniture.  I mean junk.  All my restored junk.  There has to be a place for it all.

And I feel terrible for not keeping you guys updated on the process.  Although I'm not sure how interesting a blog post would be on watching paint dry.  

So, that's where we are now.  Exterior paint and insulation.  In four more weeks, we could be moving into our new place.  This would be the best 30th birthday present ever!  Yes, I turn thirty in August.  Dirty Thirty.  So many things I could say about turning thirty, but I'll spare you.  Let's just leave it as time goes by so much faster the older I get.  And the gray hair creeps in more noticeably.  Wasn't I just turning 21 yesterday?  Geeze.....

This is what the garage/apartment looked like yesterday:

Which considering we only had footers at the time of my last post, I'd say we're moving along pretty well.

The shakes in the front still need to be painted {another quick decision that needs to be made....cedar look or continue with the gray?} And the trim isn't quite finished.  But I'm so ecsatic with the progress so far.  Our builders have been AMAZING.  

My husband and a friend built and installed these decorative beams out of old white pine.  Doing it themselves was a huge money saver.  Although finding the beam proved a little difficult....we had to find a 4x12x12 rough sawn on the spot.  We finally happened upon one at a sawmill in Asheville...well worth the drive.  Only 40 bucks.  Yay!

I've been working on some projects for the house.   Like these storage canisters.  Basic glass canisters updated and personalized with a little paint.  Did you know that chalkboard paint now comes in a spray can?  BEST.NEWS.EVER.

And this once delapidated sewing machine stand that a friend's mom picked up off the side of the road for me.  I had to restore the plank top.  And I painted a galvanized tub for the top.  This is going to be our sink in the laundry room.  And its the dog bath.

And speaking of sinks.  Remember this guy?  
Well, he's received  some additional fixings and will now be our powder room sink.

These little bistro chairs are my favorite.  I love them.  I think we'll use them for our farmhouse dining table which used to be green but I just painted white.  


And all this $5 brass chandelier needed was a little ivory spray paint.  Now it's perfect for our bathroom.

Same thing goes for this outdated medicine cabinet.  A little tweaking and we're good to go.  {PS - I have since rotated the doors...yes, they are upside down in these photos!}

Plants in an old rusty mailbox?  Why not.


I have so much more to share, but I'll save some for another day.  Because right now, I have to go turn away the appliance delivery guys who decided to 
bring our range THREE weeks EARLIER than they were supposed to.  I won't name any names, Best Buy. And I've only been on hold with your store for like the entire time I've been writing this post.   Gee, thanks guys.

Have a wonderful Saturday everyone!!