Wednesday, June 1

{What We've Been Up To}

 What I especially love about all of the following pieces is that they are ALL truly reclaimed.  
 Every single one of them.
 Salvaged pieces either given to me, found on the side of the road, discovered in old houses, tossed aside by previous owners or made by hand from recycled items around our property.

One of the greatest parts of this hobby is "beautifying" something that someone else thought of as trash.  And I'll be open and honest here.  Not everything I do will be considered beautiful to everyone.  Heck, maybe not anything.  I may be the only person in the world who even slightly likes my made-over junk.  And that's totally ok.  We all have our own style and mine may not be the same as yours. 

But regardless, what is so exciting to me is that there seems to be a shared movement going on appreciation for the past and a desire to make new again.  What a great thing!  I love the growing trend of recreating pieces into something usable.  Or creating a new piece from something old.  Or just fixing something broken instead of giving up on it.  Have y'all noticed this growing in popularity as well?  Amen to people who are becoming less and less wasteful.  
Welcome to the wagon.  :)
Old stuff has much more character anyway!

So...I apologize ahead of time that none of these photos are properly staged.
Not having a house to set this stuff up's our life right now.  
I know the workshop in the background is less than beautiful.
Just consider these REAL LIFE photos!  

Curbside Find Before:

Curbside Find After:

Glass Globe Lamp Before and After:

Vintage Wardrobe Before and After:

{by the way....I had planned on using chicken wire for the above piece.  But I couldn't find any around the shop and am too stingy to buy I found this instead....}

Who wants to take a wild guess at what it is?  {Hint: We're landscapers}

Rescued Dresser Before:

Rescued Dresser After:

Shabby Chic Signs Constructed from Scrap Wood:


 A Factory Cart Inspired Coffee Table Constructed from a Recycled Pallet:

 Restored Antique Geib Piano-Turned-Sideboard

And Antique Smoking Stand:


I can't wait to have all this stuff in our house one day...well some of it anyway.

And on that note....we've finally made some progress on our home.  
As of today, we have a foundation {personalized with our family hand prints!}

Hope everyone is well and staying cool!