Sunday, May 1

What I Found. Sunday Edition.

I have mentioned this before, but for those of you who don't keep up with the blog regularly, our new living space will have very minimal closet area.  We were super spoiled in our old house...three HUGE master bedroom walk-in closets. And all three were packed.  So, while I'm  thrilled that our small-scale garage/apartment will be so simple and charmingly minimalist, the lack of closet space has me slightly concerned.  Only because us "hoarders," err collectors, know how to pack it full.

So, I'm thinking of alternatives to the standard closet.  Perfect solution?  Antique armoires.  It's a win-win situation.  Functional AND pleasing to the eye.  

When I came across an old armoire a couple weeks ago, I was sold.  Y'all.  I feel like someone got ripped off.  Why?  I paid twenty bucks.  For a primitive armoire in almost-perfect condition.  It was dirty.  No, filthy.  It needed 4 baths.  But that's it.  No sanding, no stripping, no paint, no nails.  I feel like I won the lottery.  The only thing I added was a very thin coat of antique glaze. 

Before her bath:

All cleaned up and ready for a new home:

Why was it such a steal at $20?  The inside is constructed of cedar.  CEDAR!  And she's completely adorable.  Perfect and chippy and old.  Just my style.  My coats will be happy.

Oh, and speaking of cleaning up.  My husband and I got all cleaned up ourselves.  For Easter.  You won't see us like this very often!  {Considering our typical attire consists of work boots, tshirts, and mud}  I was so proud, I just had to share.  HA!