Sunday, February 20

Moving On Out.

I promise I have a legit excuse for not blogging.   Honest to goodness look at my house:

TWO weeks.  That is it.  That is all the time I have to pack up our entire belongings.  Normal people would have started a long time ago.  I started yesterday.  Any advice on keeping sane?  I'm feeling overwhelmed.  That's an understatement.  

I took a picture of our laundry on the bedroom floor, but I decided to spare you of the dirty details.  Just imagine the pile towering way above our bed.  

This is so totally NOT me.  I'm overly OCD when it comes to laundry, a clean house, a clean dog, disinfected counter tops and fresh sheets.  But I have completely neglected it all.  And the blog.  And we missed church this morning.  And I forgot to eat anything today until 3:30.  
To my faithful readers....Please promise to come back to me when this is all over!

I did manage to list some new items in the Etsy store today.  At least I accomplished something!  I guess I really didn't have a choice.  All of my shop items will be housed in a storage unit for the next three months so I had to snap some photos while I had the chance!  I would love for you to check them out :)

Oh, and these chairs sold to a sweet lady in Illinois who will be adding them to her dining room table.  I am so very excited for her because these chairs are deliciously the best way!  
But I have to finish the last 2 first.  
I hope.
I have to.

I do hope that all of you are having a FANTASTIC Sunday!

And if anyone has any packing tips, I'm all ears. :)


Sunday, February 13

Home Safe {But Missing Something...}

So we're back home from Colorado safe and sound.  

Colorado has to be one the most beautiful states in the country.  Really.  To those of you who have written from your HOME in Colorado, I am completely envious.  You guys dwell in gorgeous surroundings.
Have any of you ever played the game "Hey Cow?"  

You're driving along a country road and decide to start a little competition.  You pass a pasture filled with cattle.  One person yells "Hey Cow" out the window and counts how many cows turn their heads to look.  Obviously, the winner has the highest number.

Ok, so in Colorado, I decided to play the game with ELK.  It wasn't very often that we would find them.  And usually they were too far away to play the game.

 But one time I got lucky.  I scored big.  Five out of six turned their heads to look at me. See?  
I snapped some photos but they turned out quite blurry.  

I have decided that I want a pet Elk.  Is that legal?  Where could one purchase such a thing?  
An elk, a donkey, and a rooster.  That's my plan.

The aspen trees were beautiful.

And so was the skiing.  2 -3 feet of fresh snow.  This is Wolf Creek outside of Pagosa Springs, CO.

 Wait, let me back up and correct myself.  The skiing was beautiful until we found ourselves here:

 We tried to find a way out.

No such luck.  Since we weren't really up for "cliff diving" {or dying....}  we had to go with our only other option.  Hike back.   In snow up to our knees.  At an elevation of 11,904 feet.  Carrying our skis.  

What took about 5 minutes to ski down took about an hour to hike back up.  Fun times.

But we still ended the day with smiles on our faces.  Barely.  :)

So what are we missing?

Our luggage.  Yay.  The airline {I won't name names even though I'd really love to call them out} can't even tell us where it is.  Really?  Thanks guys.  

Regardless, I'm thankful to be on safe ground.  Things can be replaced.  People can't.

And just to tease you, here's a little sneak peak at something I'll post about this week:

Congrats to Miss Maddie for winning the giveaway!  And a HUGE thanks to Meg for hosting.  
Maddie, have fun picking out your goodies from the store! :)


Monday, February 7

Greetings from Colorado and A GIVEAWAY!

Hi everyone!  Ok, I am super excited this morning for THREE reasons.

One - This is the view I will be waking up to all week!  Isn't it beautiful?  We had a heck of a time getting out here, but we're here now, and that's all that matters. :)

Two - My friend Meg over at "A Little Knick Knack" is hosting a giveaway this week to my Etsy Store.  You can win a $35 gift card for anything Mossy Rock, so head on over to her blog and check it out! 

Three - I woke up to find that I have reached and passed 100 followers!  What a perfect week for a giveaway!


Tuesday, February 1

~*Chair Reveal *~

Remember this guy?

Well he's all finished and sittin' pretty.

It's going to be extremely difficult for me to let this one go.  Not just because of the piece itself, but for the sentimental value.   I'd like to think that maybe this chair is what SOLD OUR HOUSE.  Yes, I finally said it.  Our house is sold.  After years of waiting and praying, we are FINALLY moving on up to our property at "Mossy Rock." We have been trying to sell our house for almost 3 years now.  Three years.  The very first and only offer we ever received came along with a signed contract and came 2 days after I finished this chair and had it displayed in our home.  Coincidence?  Maybe.  I don't really know.  But like I said, this chair has a lot of sentimental value for me.  

We're ecstatic.  We finally get to start building our dream home...beginning with a small garage apartment in which we will live for as long as we can stand it.  I'll be sharing this journey with you guys as we plug along...all the ups and downs and accomplishments and mistakes.  How to live in a tiny space and make it work.  How to turn a piece of junk furniture into a master bath sink console.  How to save money on hardwood flooring.  How to go from three huge master closets to barely one/basically none.  How to build a house with your husband and stay married through the process.  :)  Ha!  Only kidding.  It's going to be super fun and super challenging and hopefully super inspiring as well.  I can't wait!

But back to the chair....I did promise my neighbor some of the profits from the sale {if it sells}.  It is, after all, HIS chair...technically.  So I won't be keeping it.  Sad. 

But I really enjoyed the process of making it over and giving it a new life.  It was all worth it.  


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