Sunday, December 25

A Merry Christmas Surprise.

From us, to you. 

Merry Christmas Blogger Friends!


Wednesday, December 14

Food for Thought

Did anyone else catch this segment on The Today Show this morning? 

Living on $20k a year.

Here's the video clip in case you missed it.   I promise it's worth watching.

(That house?  A-MAZ-ING.)

Does this sound a little like anyone you know? Does this sound like you? Are you a self-proclaimed cheapskate?

I thoroughly enjoyed learning of their story...even chuckled a little while watching because it reminds me so much of my husband and me. 
Him: chopping wood every weekend to keep our fire going through the week. 
Me: storing our bathroom towels in a piece of furniture that I found on the curb on trash day.

Do you shop for furniture on the side of the road? Create art from something you picked up on a walk? Make frequent trips to the thrift store or dump? Do you re-purpose anything and everything you can just to save a dollar or two?  Do you try to heat your home for FREE with a fire instead of racking up the heat bill? (personally, when we make it through a night without the heat kicking on....I feel like I've hit the lottery!)

While all of us may not go to these extremes: skipping the cable tv, foregoing a savings account or emergency fund, qualify for state-supported health care, etc....I think that many of us can still relate to their story.  In this way:


Not wanting to be tied down to money, or debt. Realizing that the most important things in life aren't things at all.

If this sounds like you, then this book may be worth reading:

No, I haven't read it.  But I'm putting it on my to-do list.  Should we all run out and buy a used copy? ;-)

Here's to hoping the story inspires you a little today too.  Enjoy the day! 


Friday, December 9

New {Old} Couch and A Little Peak at Our Den

 Things that are making me happy this morning:

1. Finally having {and currently working from} a couch and a coffee table.

Now, you know this by now:  it would completely go against my entire psychological make-up and junker-mentality if I actually went out and purchased a new couch and coffee table.  Of course I didn't.

No, I had an older loveseat slip-covered in reverse denim to give it a "grayish-denim-chambray" look.  It turned out a little more "denim" than I was hoping for, but I'm cool with it.  It's still comfy.
{couch: passed down from mom and dad during my college days. In other words..FREE}

Look at the lovely fabric that's hiding beneath.  Decent.  But not my style.  Sorry mom.

The coffee table wasn't free, but close.  It's a glorified chicken crate on wheels.  The chicken crate came from Sweeten Creek Antiques in Asheville.  The wheels came from an online hardware store.  Love it.  Perfect height for my feet.  Because that's what really matters when it comes to a coffee table.  Right?

2.  My new rug from Dash and Albert came this week.  Yes, I did actually purchase something new.  As hard as it is for me, I just can't bring myself to do used rugs.

3.  Christmas decorations.  I wish I could be redneck and leave them up all year.

4.  A fire in the fireplace.  Obviously Barley is just as happy about it as I am.

Now, if only there were snowflakes falling outside my window, the morning would be close to perfect.  Did anyone catch Modern Family this week?  The snow machine at the end of the episode?  A white Christmas even in sunny So Cal?  Yes, please.  I'll take it.   

I hope you're enjoying this Friday morning as much as we are!  Happy weekend.