Friday, August 26

Growing Up.

Today is my last day in the twenties. 

Tomorrow, I'll be a thirty-something.

Mixed feelings, of course. 
A little nostalgic....yes. 
Is my life what I imagined it would be at thirty?  Not at all. 
Does that bother me?  Not really.

If you asked me 15 years ago where I would be at 30, it wouldn't be here.  Thirty sounds so OLD and FAR AWAY at the age of 15, doesn't it?  I swore I'd be married at 22 and done with kids at 30.  I figured I'd still be living in So Cal, maybe teaching school.  

Instead, I married at 25 and haven't even jumped on the baby wagon yet.  I live in the South and make a living shoveling dirt and making over everyone else's junk. 

Surprising?  Grateful? 

Yes, to both.  God had different plans for me. I couldn't even dream up what He had in store for my life.  Thankfully, He is the one person who knows us better than we know ourselves.  And that's why being right where I am is okay and always will be. No matter what.

Even though "thirty" {or forty, or sixty five, or wherever we are life} may sound like a dirty word, I'm happy to be growing UP, not OLD, and doing it just where I'm supposed to be.  Here's to another thirty years of twists, turns, and life's surprises!

{And just for kicks in honor of the "Dirty Thirty," I thought I'd share a few slightly-embarrassing photos my mom put together for my birthday....narrated by mom herself}

You must have been a beautiful baby, cuz baby won'tcha look at you now!

The beginning of her love for the beach.

Always "repurposing" the old into something new.

Storage for pots and pans is more fun when it is empty!

Learning the "ropes"

Two cabbage patch "dolls"

LeAnne's penchant for fashion begins.


And now, being silly at twenty-nine, Southern-Style.


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