Monday, April 11

My New Space and Other Ramblings.

Just a word of warning: this will be a super drawn out post…only because I haven’t blogged in a while.

A best friend of mine gave me a pretty hard time over the weekend because I haven’t been so great at keeping up with the blog.  I’m sorry Em.  Not making excuses, but our current internet connection is super frustrating and it takes about 5 billion hours to upload one photo.  I do, however, have much to share today, so get ready…  this one’s just for you girl.  I’ll try to keep you intrigued. :) 

So I’m taking advantage of my quick lunch break as I sit here multitasking, trying to devour a delicious sub from Firehouse and type at the same time {in a dump truck no less....}  Oh my word…do you guys love Firehouse Subs as much as my husband and I do?  So yummy.   Jealous?  We probably eat there every other day.  Y’all…it’s so bad that we rotate the locations we go to just because, you know, we have to keep from looking so obsessed! If we were smart, we would just buy stock in them.  But we haven’t...and probably never will.  Sadly.  Maybe Firehouse should just give us free subs for life…I think that would be even better.  Are you listening Firehouse?  We’re your biggest fans.

Ok, sorry, sidetracked.  So my biggest piece of news is that I finally put my money where my mouth is and rented an antique booth.  So exciting right?  And the thing is I really don’t care if I even sell anything because I’m having too much fun with it!  Bad business plan, I know. 

I've been so busy that I haven't even told my own mother.  Sorry Mom.  But now you know!  :)  I set it all up about a week ago.  This was a challenge.  I’m renting a small space {ya know…start small, build it up} but realized quickly that my hoarding skills really require something a bit larger.  Oh well.  Consequently, a fellow booth-renter jokingly informed me that I’m trying to stuff 10 pounds of fertilizer into a 5 lb bag.  Yep, you are correct sir.  I concur.  And the sad part is, I haven’t even put a dent in my collection.  I assure will see me on “Hoarders” one day.  Not exactly the way I’d like to become famous.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a few other local dealers and I love them all.  It’s so fun to chat it up with fellow crazies like me.  People who insist that a trip to the flea market is WAY more exciting than a trip to Disneyland….{ok, let’s be honest, scrounging for junk is way more exciting than just about anything.

I met a super sweet lady Shirley who is currently renting THREE large booths just to try and sell a portion of the things that she and her late husband collected over their lifetimes.   And you know what?  I totally get it!  Oh how I would LOVE to shop their collection.  I swear it’s a sickness.  If I pass on before my husband…well…bless his heart.  He’s going to have a fun time trying to get rid of all my junk.  Sorry honey! 

And this gets me thinking of another totally random thought:  If I ever have children, I swear I’m going to encourage them to wait until they are THIRTY to start college.  Is that so wrong?  I mean, I’m 29 and it’s taken me 10 years to even SLIGHTLY figure out what I want in life.  Really?  How was I supposed to know at 18 that my dream job would be to spend every waking hour picking up junk off the side of the road just to give it a good makeover?  {Sidenote, this does not include my husband.  He has always known exactly what he wanted to do.  Like, since birth.  Lucky him.}  So that’s my thinking.  Live in the real world for 10 years after high school and then get your degree.  Because at that age you’ll probably have a better idea of what you want.  Just a thought.

Ok, so without any further rambling, here is my booth all set up and stuffed like a sack of potatoes:
{if you live local, you'll find me at Country Antiques on Highway 25 in Travelers Rest}

And below is a redo that is still in process:

A friend of mine offered up an old dresser and of course I couldn’t refuse!  {Thanks again girl!}  I'm re-purposing it as a china cabinet with open shelving.

I completely stripped the top using a mix of Acetone and Denatured Alcohol.  Fun times.  Really.  I mean, super clean process.  See?

It was worth it though:

This is how it looked before:

I re-stained the top and painted/distressed/glazed the lower part.   These first photos are before I added the layers of whitewash and dry-brushed gray.

Since taking these photos, my husband and I have built and installed shelves out of old fence posts that I found in the yard.  I also added new hardware.  But you’ll have to wait for the final reveal because we’re still working on it.

And finally, here are photos of the recent construction progress of our outdoor living space.

T&G ceiling? Check.

Metal Roof?  Check.

Painstakinginly staining every square inch?  Getting there....

The flagstone flooring and the rock columns are next.  I’ll keep you posted!

I hope you all have a WONDERFUL week!  I’m anxious to read all about what amazing things y’all have been up to.


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  1. I love the outdoor room. I'm in the Greenville area. I hope to check out the booth in TR!

  2. YAY!!!! Finally my fix!!!! :) Love it girl...i want to check it out!!!

  3. I love that you love what you're doing. Would you have “listened” if your parents suggested that you go to a JC before a 4-year college or even postponed college? Hee hee...let’s recap how your life experiences helped you get to where you are today..., waitressing, SeeSalt summer counselor, SnowBird summer counselor,NG College, 6 months in Argentina at Bible College, boutique sales person, hospital dietician assistant, nanny, pre-school teacher, construction loan specialist, landscaper (not to mention other ideas you’ve had)....and NOW… you've found your niche in "junk"! Yay! :>) You make your mother proud.

  4. dmw - i would love for you to visit! emmy - you're welcome :) and mom, you forgot cart girl at the golf course but other than that i think you've covered it pretty well. man, i've had a lot of jobs! xoxo.

  5. I'm with Cassie, can't wait to see the finished product!

    I'm following to make sure I don't miss it :)

  6. Hi LeAnne, I love your work in progress! Can you give me a bit more information on the messy mix you used to strip the top? LOL Thank you!

  7. hi kari!

    of course i will! this is a trick i learned from a dear friend. apparently, it's been around for ages but i never knew about it.

    so, buy one can of denatured alcohol and one can of acetone from your local hardware store. use a 50/50 mix of the two and rub it in to your piece with steel wool. you're going to use a lot of steel wool so buy a good bit. make sure you wear gloves and protect the floor because it's MESSY! to be honest, i probably use a little bit more acetone than i do alcohol...seems to work better. this process works really well on old fashioned "shiny" stain. it prevents you from having to sand as much and keeps the natural grain of the wood. i usually sand lightly with very fine paper only once i'm through stripping....just to clean things up a bit.

    hope this helps!! thanks so much for stopping by.

  8. Loving the dresser. I just picked one up very similar to that and I'm wanting to refinish it. It will be my first one and I'm a bit nervous to get started!! I'm a new follower I'll be back to see your finished project!! (=