Wednesday, March 23

Shades of Gray

Here it is Spring, with colors blooming everywhere, and I'm talking gray.  

No, I'm not stuck in winter {although I seriously wouldn't mind just one more good winter day!}  

I am just in LOVE with gray interiors.  In our last home, we had about 6 different paint colors...none of which were gray.  And while I enjoyed it at the time, I'm going a completely different direction with our new place.  I don't want the walls to be the focus...I want the walls to compliment the interior decor while hiding out in the background.

I feel like I have looked at 10 billion shades of gray paint recently and my head is SWIRLING. Simple light gray walls throughout with creamy white trim.  How difficult can that be?

If you have ever shopped for these colors, you know.

I think I have finally narrowed it down.  Maybe.  For today at least...

So here we go.  These are my photos of inspiration.  Clean. Calm. Farmhouse.  Those are the words that come to my mind when I look at these pictures.

{By the way...I am so very sorry that I don't have sources for some of these photos...I saved them all to my
computer without the link and now can't remember where I found them.  Email me if they are yours and I'll be sure to give you the credit you deserve!}

Every single room is perfection.  And after going back and forth for 3 weeks, I think I have settled on this color scheme:

Kitchen Walls = Martha Stewart Gull
All Trim, Doors, and Paneled Walls = Benji Moore Dove White
Kitchen Cabinets = Martha Stewart Sharkey Gray {Pre-Painted Cabinet Package from Home Depot....more on that in a future post}
All Other Walls = Benji Moore Gray Mist

I must say, the gray walls have been the most difficult decision.  Also in the running were/are:

Gray owl
Pale Oak

{Both by Benji Moore}

Does anyone have any experience with these colors?  
I'm swimming in a sea of gray and its all running together!  I'm totally open to and asking for any suggestions. :)

What colors are you in love with right now?



  1. The second picture, and I think the first, are from For the love of a house. I stalk, I mean follow, her blog every day, I actually spent all my spare time in a week and went back and read from the beginning! I love, love, LOVE it! I always save pictures without labels too and then can't go back to see more of the room or what they did adjoining.
    You have a wonderful blog!

  2. hi LeAnne!
    So, I'm looking at this cute new face on my followers and decide I want to go meet that girl! I come here and scroll down and there's my kitchen!! too fun! I'm thrilled to be in your kitchen inspiration photos, thank you!! And you do know? that my kitchen color is Gray Owl?? I really do love the color.
    In the barn room I am painting the wall boards and when I went to chose the color I didn't look at the names as I didn't want to be influenced by them! So ironically, and this is how I knew it would be the perfect gray in the room, the color I chose is Sea Haze- one color darker than the Gray Owl! It's perfect because the rooms ajoin one another! It's just a darker version of Gray Owl.
    Thank you for following my blog, and I would also like to thank the sweet amoreena for her kind words and for going back and reading the whole thing:)!!

    On my sidebar is a new blog named "Favorite Paint Colors" and she shows real rooms (as opposed to mags) that have used different colors, so that might be of some help!

    happy weekend!