Friday, March 25


It's Friday and I'm totally bummed.

An incredibly perfect-for-me piece of furniture that I had already paid for {and was waiting on delivery} was RESOLD to someone else.


It's not often that I purchase a big item for me.  More of a mix of thrift store finds, yard sale stuff, auction pieces...and it always get a makeover. 

This piece was different.  Perfect just the way it was.  I had an entire room built around it in my head.

It was very similar {ok, practically identical} to this piece from Restoration Hardware, but a touch taller and not quite as long.

Looking at that picture makes my heart ache.

I'm not one to get mad or pass the blame along.  I don't want to be that girl and pitch a fit and demand that they get it back for me.  This kind of thing happens.  But I'm really sad over it.  Like, UBER {can I use that word?} disappointed. 

I need to be depressed about this for a while.  That's why I'm venting here.  If I go tell the Mr. he'll say something like..."that's why you take it with you when you buy it" or "that's what you get for waiting three weeks before you checked on the delivery status" or "how could you let that happen?"

Sometimes boys don't understand. {sorry boys! but sometimes we don't understand you either}

So bloggers, what would you do?  Have you been head-over-heels in love with a piece only to have to let it go?

And if you're reading this and you're the lady who stole has my cabinet, would you please let me have it back?  Thanks.



  1. That is so sad! I definitely know how you feel. My story isn't about furniture, but few weeks ago a woman "promised" to sell me her $700 road bike for $100, and she told me to come pick it up at 5 p.m. - well, when I got there at 5 on the dot, she informs me that her sister sold the bike 30 minutes before I got there! I was so bummed!

  2. Oh my word! So disappointing! I hate to hear it. I keep telling myself maybe something else more fabulous is on the way... A girl can dream? Maybe that will be the case with you too. I hope you find an even better bike next time! Xo leanne.

  3. I totally know what you are feeling. I saw THE perfect 8 foot table, old-school long table of solid oak - you know the perfect table! After I measured it, checkit out for 10 minutes, I went up to pay for it and a lady walked toward me and SHE had been in line to pay for it before I got up there - Umph! I was depressed ALL day. You will find the perfect piece again...SUE

  4. oh LeAnne.... I am so so sorry. This just makes my stomach hurt. And, I would have cried. I wish I lived closer because I am "that" girl and would get it back for you;)
    so, so sorry. I hope the store at least gave you some store credit, or something to make it up to you?

    sending a hug...

  5. Leanne. That sucks. Maybe I will make you guys one if I ever get time.


  6. Oh I know that kind of pain. It is sad when you have dreamed about how it will look in your space. When this has happened, (and more than once), I have to let it go, and trust that ther is something even better in store for me, and there always is, and there will be for you. Have a lovely Sunday. -K

  7. Sorry for your loss Leanne :( I love old sideboards like that. The bright side is that you get to search for a replacement!