Friday, March 25


It's Friday and I'm totally bummed.

An incredibly perfect-for-me piece of furniture that I had already paid for {and was waiting on delivery} was RESOLD to someone else.


It's not often that I purchase a big item for me.  More of a mix of thrift store finds, yard sale stuff, auction pieces...and it always get a makeover. 

This piece was different.  Perfect just the way it was.  I had an entire room built around it in my head.

It was very similar {ok, practically identical} to this piece from Restoration Hardware, but a touch taller and not quite as long.

Looking at that picture makes my heart ache.

I'm not one to get mad or pass the blame along.  I don't want to be that girl and pitch a fit and demand that they get it back for me.  This kind of thing happens.  But I'm really sad over it.  Like, UBER {can I use that word?} disappointed. 

I need to be depressed about this for a while.  That's why I'm venting here.  If I go tell the Mr. he'll say something like..."that's why you take it with you when you buy it" or "that's what you get for waiting three weeks before you checked on the delivery status" or "how could you let that happen?"

Sometimes boys don't understand. {sorry boys! but sometimes we don't understand you either}

So bloggers, what would you do?  Have you been head-over-heels in love with a piece only to have to let it go?

And if you're reading this and you're the lady who stole has my cabinet, would you please let me have it back?  Thanks.


Wednesday, March 23

Shades of Gray

Here it is Spring, with colors blooming everywhere, and I'm talking gray.  

No, I'm not stuck in winter {although I seriously wouldn't mind just one more good winter day!}  

I am just in LOVE with gray interiors.  In our last home, we had about 6 different paint colors...none of which were gray.  And while I enjoyed it at the time, I'm going a completely different direction with our new place.  I don't want the walls to be the focus...I want the walls to compliment the interior decor while hiding out in the background.

I feel like I have looked at 10 billion shades of gray paint recently and my head is SWIRLING. Simple light gray walls throughout with creamy white trim.  How difficult can that be?

If you have ever shopped for these colors, you know.

I think I have finally narrowed it down.  Maybe.  For today at least...

So here we go.  These are my photos of inspiration.  Clean. Calm. Farmhouse.  Those are the words that come to my mind when I look at these pictures.

{By the way...I am so very sorry that I don't have sources for some of these photos...I saved them all to my
computer without the link and now can't remember where I found them.  Email me if they are yours and I'll be sure to give you the credit you deserve!}

Every single room is perfection.  And after going back and forth for 3 weeks, I think I have settled on this color scheme:

Kitchen Walls = Martha Stewart Gull
All Trim, Doors, and Paneled Walls = Benji Moore Dove White
Kitchen Cabinets = Martha Stewart Sharkey Gray {Pre-Painted Cabinet Package from Home Depot....more on that in a future post}
All Other Walls = Benji Moore Gray Mist

I must say, the gray walls have been the most difficult decision.  Also in the running were/are:

Gray owl
Pale Oak

{Both by Benji Moore}

Does anyone have any experience with these colors?  
I'm swimming in a sea of gray and its all running together!  I'm totally open to and asking for any suggestions. :)

What colors are you in love with right now?


Thursday, March 3

Recent Happenings.

Hi everyone!  I've missed y'all!

So, in my absence from the blog world, there's been a lot going on around here at Mossy Rock!  I'll try to catch you up to speed...

I have decided to sell large furniture items locally only.  Shipping costs are so crazy right now.  I'm sure you've noticed.  Most people cannot afford to have a 100 lb bookcase shipped to their front door.  I totally get it.  So, I have taken a few items to a local consignment store here in Greenville called Southern Houspitality.  The ladies that work there are super sweet and I'm honored that they wanted my stash of goodies.  If you live local, check them out!

My husband and I are still in the middle of the big move.  The process of packing and hauling has consumed me over the past 2 weeks.  I cannot wait for this to be over!  
This was our first load of many:

My super-talented husband started building our outdoor living area up at Mossy Rock.  I am thrilled.  The plan includes a large cedar pergola with a stone fireplace and tin roof.  Did I already say I am thrilled?  Because I am thrilled.  I LOVE it.  

This was the first stage...building the rock walls.  It doesn't look like anything yet, but I promise it'll be rockin'.  I'll keep you posted on the progress.

This is the view from the outdoor living.  

This will also be the view from the kitchen window in our garage/apartment.  
I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. 

Speaking of the apartment, I've been shopping, err, thrifting, for some furniture.  I must admit, it's a completely different change of pace to be shopping for myself instead of for something to re-do and re-sell.  I'm totally not complaining.
I purchased this antique carpenter's bench which will serve as our kitchen island.  I'm in love.  

I also purchased this super-fun and sparkly globe which I attached to a pendant to make a hanging lamp.  I plan on using it in our bathroom for just the right touch of glitz.  The most surprising part about the whole thing?  My husband loves it.  Which shocks me!

Also in our bathroom will be this antique shaker style cabinet as our sink console.  It's perfectly chippy and worn. All I did was clean  it up, seal it to protect the paint, and oil the wood plank top.  This piece came out of the old summer house at Mossy Rock.  I love that its been in the family for years.  And I love that its completely unexpected as a sink base.  Super thrilled about this too.

I picked up this handsome guy off the side of the curb.  Yes, you read that right.  The curb.  I got to it just before the garbage truck.  Good timing, right?  I was on my way to meet the guys at a job site to do some work and I made a quick u-turn as soon as I passed.  Oh.My.Word.  I CANNOT believe that someone tossed this.  It's beautiful.

I've also done a few re-dos here and there.

My new favorite stain is Limed Oak by Cabot, which I used on the bench, the frame, and the ottoman legs above.  I asked the lady at Lowes to add one drop of black paint to the mix, which made it just the perfect shade of grayish white.  If you like a beachy-worn look, this is the way to go!

I think that's about all for now.  Oh, one more thing....

I'm completely SOLD on this bedding for our new place.  I adore the mix of blues and grays and tans and whites and all the different textures and patterns.  Isn't it DREAMY??