Sunday, February 13

Home Safe {But Missing Something...}

So we're back home from Colorado safe and sound.  

Colorado has to be one the most beautiful states in the country.  Really.  To those of you who have written from your HOME in Colorado, I am completely envious.  You guys dwell in gorgeous surroundings.
Have any of you ever played the game "Hey Cow?"  

You're driving along a country road and decide to start a little competition.  You pass a pasture filled with cattle.  One person yells "Hey Cow" out the window and counts how many cows turn their heads to look.  Obviously, the winner has the highest number.

Ok, so in Colorado, I decided to play the game with ELK.  It wasn't very often that we would find them.  And usually they were too far away to play the game.

 But one time I got lucky.  I scored big.  Five out of six turned their heads to look at me. See?  
I snapped some photos but they turned out quite blurry.  

I have decided that I want a pet Elk.  Is that legal?  Where could one purchase such a thing?  
An elk, a donkey, and a rooster.  That's my plan.

The aspen trees were beautiful.

And so was the skiing.  2 -3 feet of fresh snow.  This is Wolf Creek outside of Pagosa Springs, CO.

 Wait, let me back up and correct myself.  The skiing was beautiful until we found ourselves here:

 We tried to find a way out.

No such luck.  Since we weren't really up for "cliff diving" {or dying....}  we had to go with our only other option.  Hike back.   In snow up to our knees.  At an elevation of 11,904 feet.  Carrying our skis.  

What took about 5 minutes to ski down took about an hour to hike back up.  Fun times.

But we still ended the day with smiles on our faces.  Barely.  :)

So what are we missing?

Our luggage.  Yay.  The airline {I won't name names even though I'd really love to call them out} can't even tell us where it is.  Really?  Thanks guys.  

Regardless, I'm thankful to be on safe ground.  Things can be replaced.  People can't.

And just to tease you, here's a little sneak peak at something I'll post about this week:

Congrats to Miss Maddie for winning the giveaway!  And a HUGE thanks to Meg for hosting.  
Maddie, have fun picking out your goodies from the store! :)



  1. Cute Post. Beautiful Pictures...but not so good about getting "lost" in a restricted area, next to a cliff, in avalanche territory...what would your MOTHER say??? :</

  2. How FRUSTRATING, ug! But I'm totally jealous....never been to Colorado!


  3. Wow! You ARE so blessed to be home. No's true lost luggage can be replaced.

  4. Yikes!!!! I can't believe you ended up at a Double Black Diamond with your kids. You poor family! My husband and I just went skiing on Friday, and were laughing about the times we got "lost" on a Black Diamond as kids. We love Colorado, that is probably where I fell in love with my husband, on a road trip, camping, with a whole bunch of his friends. Good thing the mountains are so breathtaking there. It made me forget about the stinky boys I was with, and just notice the beautiful state, and the one really cute boy who was so sweet to me. Hope your luggage finds you soon! -K