Thursday, January 27

Thrift Store Mirror Makeover

Happy Thursday Everyone!
Just  a little tutorial for you today in honor of the
February DIY Project Party over at the DIY club.

How To Turn A Thrift Store Mirror into something a little more fabulous!

What you'll need on hand:

One thrift store mirror with a wooden frame
Three Purdy Paintbrushes (or if you're like me, just one, and rinse after each use)
Krylon Spray Primer
Your favorite gray paint 
Your favorite creamy white paint
Valspar's Translucent Color Glaze in Mocha
A Medium Grit Sanding Sponge
Lint Free Cloths

  • Prime frame with spray primer in white.  Make sure to go easy on the spray since spray paint drips very easily.  Don't spray it on too thick.  You can always do a second coat if need be.  Let dry.

  • Paint on one layer of light gray.  I use Flint Smoke from Home Depot.  Let dry.  Sand lightly...just enough to make sure the paint is smooth.  You don't want to distress it quite yet.

  •  Use a dry brush technique to apply your creamy white paint.  I always use Woodrow Wilson Putty from Lowes.  Let dry. 
(Dry-brush = dip tip of brush in paint and wipe almost all the paint off the brush before painting) 

  • Sand with a sanding sponge to distress.  I would use a medium grit here. 
  • Remove all dust particles with a vacuum or cloth.
  • Brush on a thin layer of glaze mixture - I used Valspar Translucence Color Glaze in Mocha mixed with a little bit of water.  Rub glaze immediately with a lint free cloth.  Let dry.

  • And that's it!  Now you can enjoy your new mirror!

Have fun!


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  1. I love how it turned out. It's amazing from before to after. A million times better.


  2. this is one of those pieces that is so ugly befor eit's painted, but then it's gorgeous! i love it now! i hope that doesn't sound bad- it is a huge compliment!

  3. Looks awesome!!! I just bought a thrift store mirror the other day, I need to get busy on it! :)

  4. Your mirror makeover turned out great! I love all of the details of the frame, and your tutorial is awesome!!

  5. Love it! Thanks for all the details on the how to!

  6. great mirro. i have a weekly party on wednesdays i would love for you to join it.

  7. You just gotta love thrift stores. Amazing what a little paint can do for a piece! The mirror looks great. Thanks for your kind words about my chair and becoming a follower. Oh, the trim for the cushion was bought at JoAnn's in the trim section.

  8. This turned out great....It looks like a really expensive piece!


  9. Wow, you totally made that go from, eh lukewarm, to Wow smoking hot!

  10. This is a gorgeous redo on this mirror. The glazing is beautiful. I am tickled pink over it.

  11. That really does look fabulous, good for you!
    Hugs, Cindy

  12. Your mirror came out great.
    I just have to tell you that I went to college in Greenville. What a small world.

    Cheri from Its So Very Cheri