Monday, January 24

A Little Bit of "Off-Topic" Fun!

Hi everyone!  I hope you all are having a FANTASTIC Monday!

I'm sorry to say that I have nothing good for ya current projects or re-dos or thrift store finds.  I'm sincerely sorry.

But since I do have a quick sec to put a post up, I thought I would share some fun photos with you of my husband and me.  I love to see photos of my fellow blogger helps to put a face with a name.  So forgive me if this is completely boring to you, but it's all I've got today.

These were taken on the night that I discovered my LOVE for photo booths.  I must have gone through that thing 20 times.  Seriously.  Twenty.  My husband would be super embarrassed if he knew I was posting these, but he doesn't keep up with my blog, so no worries!  :)

I'd also like to take a minute to thank each and every one of you for your comments, emails, questions, and all that goodness.  I have to say that every single one I receive brings a huge smile to my face and makes my heart super happy.  You all are beyond encouraging, inspiring, and KIND!  I try to respond to everyone through email, but I also just discovered that some of my responses are not getting through to you due to a "no-reply" email address {"B" know who you are!! I totally just called you out!  hehe}  So, please provide an email address because I would absolutely love to write you back!

Ok, and, I'd like to "promise promise pinky swear" to Miss Becky that I will get back to your question.  I may even make a post about it if that's ok with you.  I ran out of time today, but it's coming to ya this week!

xo to everyone


  1. Ha-ha-ha, sure go ahead, not like I’ve never embarrassed myself before! Ha-ha
    Becky ;~)

  2. I just saw pics like these in MS Living and they are AWESOME - You guys are too cute! JenT

  3. Hellooo!
    These Pic`s are Over-the-Top ADORABLE!!
    I LOVE love them!!
    I am so glad to have found you <3!!

    Many blessing`s to you sweet girl!
    Anna Margaret