Monday, December 13

Grocery Sack Holiday Art

Am I Crazy?

Has my frugality become a bit ridiculous?

Has my obsession with junking gone a little extreme?

Um, in essence, the answer to all three questions is yes.

When the lady at Publix was packing my groceries into their sack, I had a wild DIY thought.

Wasn't quite sure if it was going to work out, but heck, it was worth a try.  

I even told the checkout lady {and the bag boy} what BEAUTIFUL grocery bags Publix had this year.  Wow.  Can.we.say.LOONEY.TUNE??!?

This is the grocery sack...the catalyst of my craziness:

Isn't it pretty?

So pretty that it deserves to be in a frame.  Right? 

But who wants a framed grocery sack?

That's why you whitewash it!  Yep, I'm telling you to paint a grocery sack.  {I do remember calling myself a looney-tune.} 

Put it in a Dollar Store frame {painted and distressed of course}, add some ribbon, and....


I know, I'm a looney.  Did I already say that?

Maybe I should gift one to Publix for Christmas.  

{Because maybe that will encourage them to keep making pretty bags for crazy people like me!}


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  1. This is so cute! How easy and creative. Unfortuantely, we don't have publix where I live or cute brown bags. But, really cute idea!