Wednesday, November 3

Two Makeovers in One Day

Ok, not really in one day...that sounds a little misleading.
I did not complete these both in one day.  Actually, I completed them both a few months ago and am just now getting around to posting them.

Before I show you the before and afters, I need to confess the most important item on my to-do list:
Get batteries for my REAL camera and stop taking these photos on my cell phone!
The quality is so shameful, I'm embarrassed.
{and since I confessed, will you please hold me to my promise?}

Ok, now on to the reveals.

The first is a SOLID WOOD coffee table that I purchased for less than you will pay for a can of coke.  I'm not kidding...this was one LUCKY find.  Originally, it was covered in ugly black paint, so in this state, I guess it does look like its worth about a buck. See?

Stripping, sanding, staining and painting turned her into this.

 The second reveal is a little step ladder that had seen better days.

This one took a good amount of stripping and sanding as well.

Here she is all fixed up:

I wish I could post a newer project today, but everything is still in the works.  I do hope to have something new finished for tomorrow's post!

xoxo LeAnne


  1. what a fabulous find!! it looks gorgeous now- i love the wood top with the white distressed base. beautiful! thnka for following and joining my party!

  2. It looks great. Love the warm wood tones with the white base.


  3. You had me at the 1st table, but then the step-stool sealed the deal! You're a girl after my own heart. Thanks for signing up to follow me, I'll be following you now too!
    Glad to meetcha!

  4. WOW!.. Love both!.. great work!...

  5. Somehow I missed these...great transformation. What a neat step stool...just make sure it is steady and sturdy before you stand on it! :>)