Monday, November 1

A Road Trip, A Visit and A Thanks.

I took the morning off {thanks husband!} to go on a little road trip to Columbia to pick up a few items I purchased in an auction a few weeks ago.  My parents live about an hour outside of Columbia and we don't get to see each other very often, so mom met me along the way for a fun-filled couple of hours.  She lent a hand {thanks mom!} and helped me pack up the truck with all my treasures.  

Remember this antique french day bed?

I picked it up today!  And it is soooooo pretty!

You can see it on the floor in the background of this photo:

{That's mom at work with a smile on her face!}

I can't wait to show you all my found objects...including a hand crafted industrial-type drafting table!   So exciting!

We also had the chance to chat a little bit {over a yummy breakfast} about my future plans and what I will do with all my re-purposed furniture and findings.  It's incredibly motivating to hear the encouraging words of others...from family, friends, and all you fellow bloggers out there.  I will say I'm taking baby steps right now, looking into different possibilities and staying open to what comes next.  I guess once the garage is full, I'll finally decide to sell something! :)

Just Kidding!  It will be sooner than that.

So thank you to everyone who has offered a word of support, inspiration, and kindness.  I can't believe I've had 1,028 page views in three short weeks!  I promise I will do my best to keep the blog at least "somewhat" interesting in the future to keep you guys visiting!

Lots to come this week and many things in the works...

Happy November!

xoxo LeAnne

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