Saturday, November 20

Dear Brandon.

Dear Brandon from Italy,

I am so sorry that I fixed ruined your unsightly amazing sketch of a houseplant.  

Truly, it was decent beautiful, but it just wasn't anyone's my style.  

The gold frame was ugly gorgeous as well, but I think I heard it screaming and pleading asking nicely for a makeover.

I can't promise that I won't ever do this to your art again.  I know you worked really hard on writing your name in the bottom right hand corner
drawing a plant that would be mass-produced by a large copy machine admired for all time.

Don't worry, I Googled your name first to make sure I wasn't ruining a million dollar piece of art before I turned it into an extremely large {4'  x 4'} chalkboard.  I am pretty certain really hope you're not famous like Picasso.  Because then I would feel the same guilty.

Thank you Brandon for understanding.  Sometimes I do silly things.


Calendar is fully erasable...

...I was just toying around with some ideas.  Also, if any of you know Brandon in Italy, please don't tell him what I've done.  Thanks.

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  1. love this huge chalkboard! remarkable improvement,maybe even Brandon would be impressed?!

  2. Very pretty chalkboard! That is an awesome frame for this. Looks like a chunk of high end furniture. Very nice!


  3. Beautiful chalkboard! I am sure that Brandon won't mind what you did once he sees it!

  4. I want one...the chalkboard...not the print by Brandon. Thought I should clarify. Great job and btw: your handwriting is beautiful.