Thursday, November 11

Birds & Branches

So, I took a short break from the blog {well, a nice little break from everything really}.
A couple days of the best kind of rejuvenation...the kind that comes only from home and family.
It's amazing what going back to her roots can do for a girl's soul.
Do you agree?
Thanks family for restoring me! :)

Now that I'm back at it, I want to share a little re-do I completed last week.  I wasn't exactly sure what to call this guy at first, but a little research leads me to believe that the technical name is a "magazine table."  I'm guessing that they were popular at some point in time, but I don't see too many of them around anymore.  
{Ok, to be completely honest, this is the first one I have EVER seen!}  
Doesn't mean I don't love it though!  Whatever it is, I know it can serve a sort of different purposes.  That's what I love so much about "junk."  You can do whatever you want with it because it has no "defined" purpose!  Personally, I envision some potted plants cascading over the sides.

So here he is when I got him: 

Not too bad, just not my style.

And here he is after a good bath, some new paint {my favorite,Valspar Woodrow Wilson Putty}, hand painted birdies and branches {inspired by the amazing Miss Mustard Seed}, light distressing and a top coat of clear acrylic. 

Thanks Miss Mustard Seed for the inspiration and thanks to all of you for stopping by!  I can't wait to see what you guys have been up to this week!



  1. this turned out so cute! i love it!

  2. Thanks for the visit...we loved every minute of it, and YOU.

    Time to open your "store", don't ya think?

  3. It looks really cool! Thanks for the plug at the end. :)

  4. I LOVE it, LOVE it, LOVE it!! What a difference!!

  5. that is such a cool and unique piece, and i love the treatment you gave it!!

  6. What a lovely transformation! I love the color and painted birds!