Wednesday, October 13

Found Goodness

I am so happy with my recent find of these vintage cream and sugar dishes.  I love how simple they are...and as a bonus they're in PERFECT condition.  No chips or cracks!

I am still debating my original thought of painting a black "C" and "S" on one side.  I think they would be so cute this way.  Like this....

But if most people are anything like me, the days are long gone of using a cream and sugar dish for their intended purpose.  I'm not knocking it by any means, I'm just not that fancy! 

So, I started thinking about how cute these little guys would be in rooms other than the kitchen.  How great  they would be....

Holding bath salts
As pencil storage
As a vase, with fresh or dried flowers
Decorating a mantle
Storing a dish sponge and soap
As a toothbrush holder...his and hers
Storing paintbrushes
...Or (my fav) in a bathroom with q-tips and cotton balls

So many uses!  What would you do with them?  I'd love to hear some other creative ideas :)

And just for fun, check out the old bottle behind the cream and sugar dishes in the photo above.  It has a really great story!  It was found on an island in Gatun Lake, Panama in 1976 by someone in our family.  Originally from Scotland, it now serves as decor in our guest bathroom!  Salvaged and repurposed as something new.  Here's the note:

xoxo LeAnne

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