Thursday, October 28

Found. {But What?}

This chair has me STUMPED!

I have a set of four.  And I really really really adore them with all their weathered leather, aged goodness, brass tacks and detailed carving.

But I'm stumped.  And I am so annoyed that I haven't figured them out yet.  Trust me, I've tried!  Now I don't consider myself a furniture design expert by any stretch of the imagination.  I have, however, mastered the art of google.  And yet my "google-ing" {fun word, huh?} has left me clueless.  I even took the chairs to a local antique appraiser/store owner and even he couldn't give me a solid answer on their history. 
{side note, this guy was personally visited by the kings of picking themselves...The American Pickers! so jealous...}
{2nd side visit with him was still worth it as I thoroughly enjoyed chatting it up about our shared addiction to anything is a sickness I tell you!}

So back to the point, I've got nothin'.  When I purchased this set, they were advertised as "Arts and Crafts Oak and Leather chairs" but I'm not so sure that I'm convinced on the Arts and Crafts part.  My best guess {based off my google research} is late 19th century.  I have found many similar styles from around that time period, but nothing concrete. 

Part of the fun in finding such an old piece is playing the game of
who, where, when and how.  
I LOVE owning something with so much history.  I like to imagine where it came from and who it belonged to and how many places it has traveled.  Just think about the decades of families that have sat in these chairs at their dinner table!  Or maybe they were used only on special occasions...holidays, parties, or the like. 

Personally, I think these guys belong at a game table, in a "Man Cave" for a little late nite game of poker or whatever else men do in a man cave!  :)

So here's my question.  Can anyone out there offer me any suggestion on their background?   Can you give me your best guess?  This could be fun!  Take a close look....

And as much as I love these guys, I will probably have them up for sale at some point in the near future.  I simply don't have the room for them right now and they are too beautiful to sit in storage for another 10 years. I hate it when that happens....

Can't wait to hear your thoughts!

xoxo LeAnne

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