Wednesday, October 20

Autumn Curb Appeal

As of yesterday, our house is back on the market! We're keeping our fingers crossed that the right buyer comes along, as we are super eager to sell the place and start building. We have lived in this house for over four years and love it. But we also love our family property and are itching to be there full time.

The family property is actually where the name "Mossy Rock Interiors" comes from. My husband's grandparents had over 100 acres at the foothills of the Blue Ridge as a summer getaway years and years ago. There is a large area of rock on the property that gets just enough moisture to stay mossy year-round. Hence the name, Mossy Rock! Well, the property is still in the family and our dream of building there is on hold, until we can sell our house.

So, we have our first showing this afternoon and our front porch was slightly lacking in curb appeal. Curb appeal is so important and I want our prospective buyers to have a great first impression when they step to our front door. Plus, I LOVE fall, it's my favorite season and fall decor is spectacular! A great reason to re-do the porch.

I purchased three mums, a bale of wheat straw, a few pumpkins, and kale and pansies for the pots. I already had the asparagus fern which is still going strong from the summer. I mixed everything in with my existing succulents and rearranged just a bit.

{Please don't judge the quality of these photos...they were taken on a camera know how that goes sometimes} :)

I think it turned out festive enough! Hopefully the "potential buyers" will agree :)

Does anyone out there have any tips they'd like to share?

xoxo LeAnne

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