Thursday, April 9

Grace in Simplicity

Hi friends!  I've started a new blog about life, kids, faith and getting healthy.  Find it here:

Grace In Simplicity

See you there!


Friday, December 14

~ Our Kitchen ~


We use this old Carpenter's work bench as our kitchen island.  I had been coveting a carpenter's table for a long while.  We finally found one in Colorado, but I had the gut feeling that the dimensions of the table exceeded the carry-on limit for the plane ride home.  Six months later, I found this one at our local junker's paradise - Shinola.  Find them {HERE}. I recommend carving out several hours for a visit. The place is a bit overwhelming, but all the while a fantastic experience.  

This work bench is OLD.  And well used.  Meaning: dents and scratches and nooks and crannies that collect crumbs.  Our builders always joked with me saying "You're going to lose your sandwich in there!"  I needed to figure out a way to level the top and make it more efficient for use in the kitchen.  I had a piece of glass custom made for the top, but it only took a month to crack.  Plus, the sharp corners weren't very child friendly.  So as an alternative, I finished the top with an epoxy glaze.  I used {THIS}. Ended up being quite a mess, but it worked.  Smart idea: do this outdoors.  Take my advice. Unless you want to ruin your new hardwood floors.

Wedding china displayed in the refinished china cabinet.  More about the china cabinet {HERE}.

Microwave cabinet.  Our kitchen space is limited, so we had to be creative here.  This is working out great for us.  I love love love that it is tucked away and out of sight.  We also have a cabinet for the toaster.

My favorite dishes on display in our glass cabinets.  All of our cabinets are Martha Stewart from Home Depot.  We saved a good chunk of change doing it this way.  I have no complaints.

We eat A LOT of pasta in our house.  Of course, I need it all to be within arms reach.  

Re-purposed china hutch as a pantry.  We didn't bother to make space for a real pantry, since our kitchen is tight on space.  This belonged to my husband's grandmother.  I have a special place in my heart for family heirlooms.

Beadboard backsplash.

Homemade Mason Jar lights hanging above the sink.  I originally posted about these {here}.

And a close up.

 Finally, our $5 rusted kitchen sink.  I can't tell you how much I adore this sink.  Would you be surprised to know the rust is my favorite part?  I'd say it was 5 dollars well spent.  Such a steal, I didn't even try to bargain with the guy.


Wednesday, November 7

This New Life. A Nursery Reveal.

Hello again blogger friends.  I have missed you dearly.  I want to thank you all for your loyalty through over a year of my absence.   I'm beyond grateful that I still have followers on this blog.  Not quite sure how that happened, but thank you for sticking with me.  ((Hugs))

So, to offer a bit of an explanation, we moved into our little house in the woods in September of last year.  We found out we were pregnant with our first child a month later.  Yep. Surprise!  You know that old wives tale about new homeowners getting either a new car or a new baby?   We kept the car....  :)

Needless to say, my furniture restoration business was put on the back burner for the following 9 months.  I tried to keep it up a bit here and there, but the worries of paint fumes and dust and chemicals kept me away.  Add in an awkward pregnant belly and total exhaustion, and well, you know how that goes.

We welcomed our baby girl on July 7th (a full 2 weeks late!) and our lives changed completely.  My life was no longer my own.   As any new mom knows, the first months are a total adjustment.  A new, wonderful, inspiring, overwhelming love overcomes all else.  And little Miss Hadley Mae is a pure joy. 

We are now at four months and things are getting easier.   I still haven't been able to get back into the grind of Mossy Rock Interiors, but I see the light at the end of the tunnel!  I have a few pieces that I can't wait to get my hands on, but we'll be taking it one step at a time.  As much as I miss it, I won't rush it. I will get there one day.

First things first.  I promised a house tour and we never even made it past the entryway.  Sorry friends!  Today I thought I would kick things off with Hadley Mae's room.  I had so much fun putting together her space.  Not only is it a nursery, but also where we keep our "office" (i.e. a small refinished secretary) and have a "guest bed" (a daybed that has been used by no one but me, through sleepless nights, trying to get a baby adjusted to her crib).  And no, we haven't conquered that one yet....

So here we go.  The first photos are courtesy of Jarrad Lister Photography, who did our maternity session.  He is amazing. Thanks Jarrad!  The latter (and less beautiful) photos are more recent and offer a better glimpse of what life looks like AFTER baby. You know, a little less organized but filled with love.

And now for the Real Life photos....

Reclaimed Armoire - Hadley's Closet

Farmhouse Table Changing Station

Painted Secretary

Hope you enjoyed.  I'll be back soon!